LeafySpace offers innovative agri-business solutions.

Leafy Space is at the forefront of innovation supporting sustainable agricultural practices across South Africa. We help improve agriculture productivity, create jobs and addressing food security.

Our proprietary tools and digital advanced analytics capabilities, combined with extensive experience are the cornerstones of the value we bring. We also have greenhouses which are for our high value crops such as tomatoes, beans, squash and cucumber to name a few.

Our partners

We developed major partnerships with the Public, Private Entities and Non-Profitable Organisations with a shared goal in bridging the gap between the Agricultural sectors and other thriving sectors in Africa. Below are some of the entities that we are in Partnership with:

Green Development Foundation

For the upliftment of the communities and preservation of environment


To build local community to meet developmental needs through innovative approaches, effective capacity-building and strategic partnerships

Our agri-business partner

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