Commercial Landscaping Trends You Should Prioritise in Your 2022 Budget

If you own commercial property, you will know that the appearance outside your business premises helps inform your customers about the quality of the services or products inside. This means that landscaping should be a priority for any business, small or large. Landscaping and exterior care should account for about 25 to 35 percent of your annual budget. This may be surprising to some, but experts have suggested that this level of investment offers incredible returns.

Whatever amount business owners are spending their landscaping requirements, there is not only space for greater investment, but for smarter and more intentional spending of that money. So, where should you be spending this 25 percent? From small brick and mortar stores to restaurants and commercial office buildings to shopping centres, each commercial property will have different priorities.

Here are a few landscaping trends that you should consider when deciding where to spend your landscaping budget for 2022: 

Street Appeal

Making a good first impression is critical to turning a potential customer into a returning one. The drive-by or street appeal of a commercial property could be the difference between them noticing you on their daily commute and your business making no impression at all. When you only have a few seconds to impress upon drivers and pedestrians passing your building, you need to make that interaction count.

Well-maintained plants and grass, beautiful walkways, eye-catching signage and an appealing exterior help create a warm and inviting space that passers-by cannot help but notice. Investing in your commercial property’s exterior will have a tremendous impact on your business’s street appeal. This, in turn, leads to an increase in walk-ins and consumer interest. Do not let a poorly maintained exterior be the reason you lose potential customers.

Warm and Inviting Entrances

After you have done the hard work of creating interest in your business, you want to let your employees, customers or tenants know their value. Creating a warm and inviting entrance tells every person who walks through your doors that their patronage matters to you. Oversized planters, hanging plants, eye-catching perennials, seasonal flowers and well-kept foliage will make a significant impression.

Employees, customers and tenants should feel welcome every time they enter your commercial property. An inviting entrance is one of the most impactful means of attracting new and returning business from commuters driving by and pedestrians walking past. Make a good first impression by prioritising your entrance.

Seasonal Colour

A big trend in commercial landscaping is the use of colour to create beautiful and dynamic exteriors that scream out “welcome” and “come in” to your customers. Well-maintained, interesting and seasonal beds and pots – with lots of colour – might be just the thing your business needs to increase foot traffic in 2022.

A Well-Kept and Safe Parking Lot

Parking lots are often disregarded when considering which parts of your commercial property to invest in and prioritise. The fact is that almost every employee, customer, owner and worker will be using this critical amenity. Making sure your business’s parking lot is well-kept and safe invites customers to spend more time in your business. Adding structural features and plants to your parking lot will have a huge impact on its overall appeal.

Planning for Environmental Factors

Commercial landscaping is about more than maintaining the greenery surrounding your property. It is also about making sure your exterior is structurally sound. Whether it is drainage, waterproofing or post-weather clean-ups that we are discussing, you need to invest in commercial landscapers that know how to maintain every aspect of your exterior.

A post-storm surge can cause flooding, treefalls and dead plant matter that will need to be cleaned up or repaired. Do not let poor weather events be the reason potential customers turn their noses at your business. Invest in landscapers that know how to care for your commercial property’s unique exterior – even when the weather is uncooperative.

Final Thoughts

There is a reason that experts recommend spending 25 to 35 percent on commercial landscaping; because it is not a one-and-done service. Seasonal plants need to be replaced, grass needs to be trimmed, mulch needs to be replaced and pathways need to be maintained. Finding a commercial landscaping company that you trust will be key to making this investment worthwhile. Make sure your business’s exterior is pristine and inviting all year round.

LeafySpace offers end-to-end commercial landscape maintenance services backed by experienced and capable horticultural specialists that are ready to tackle any landscaping challenge. For the best commercial landscaping maintenance solutions, consider LeafySpace.

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