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Our services

LeafySpace emphasises delivering superior civil and landscaping services for municipalities and private developments looking to maintain or improve their built environment.

Facilities Management

We offer comprehensive hard and soft facilities management services that support the functionality, safety, and sustainability of buildings, grounds, infrastructure, and real estate.


We offer quality engineering services such as; civil engineering, road surfacing, and electrical engineering. Our engineering services include; design, construction and maintenance


We offer world-class landscaping and maintenance services that include; design, supply, and installation of defining park furniture and pleasing garden features.

Waste Management

We offer comprehensive waste management services which include; waste collection, waste treatment and disposal, waste recycling, and on-site waste management solutions.

Renewable Energy

We offer affordable renewable energy services that include; design, manufacturing, assembly, installation, and commissioning of ground or roof-mounted PV systems up to 500 MW.


We offer innovative and sustainable agri-business solutions to help improve agriculture productivity, create jobs, advance skill learning and address the food security concerns in South Africa.

Brick Manufacturing

We offer our clients with high-grade, quality paving and stock brick manufacturing services to suit our clients brick requirements throughout South Africa.

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