The Importance of Road Maintenance for Your Local Community

Roads are an essential part of modern living. Well-maintained and usable roads make critical contributions to the economic and social wellbeing of a country, city or community. They provide access to employment, health, educational and social opportunities that make our lives better and help fight the devastation of poverty in South Africa.

The social and physical mobility that comes with having access to a sophisticated and reliable road network is an important part of living in the 21st Century. Beyond the facilities, organisations, businesses and public services that roads give us access to, they help communities grow and develop. We may take our road infrastructure for granted sometimes, but maintaining our roadways is vital for South Africa’s social and economic development.

This is true in all countries and every city, even down to the community level. Making sure that your local community’s roads are well-maintained and clear of hazards will improve the safety of road users and overall safety of the community. From service delivery and commercial access to community safety and accident prevention, there are many reasons to make reliable and consistent road maintenance a priority.

Despite the incredible work and resources that go into building our country’s roads, we know that South Africa has some shortcomings when it comes to maintaining our existing roads. Over time, all roads will deteriorate and will require some professional maintenance work through the years. The problem is that waiting for government contractors can leave your community’s streets damaged for months and road users in danger.

A lack of road maintenance in your area can cause increases in road accidents and travelling costs, while decreasing transport accessibility, service delivery quality and road safety. Poorly maintained roads will always be a security risk and safety hazard to all who use those streets and, especially, those who live and work on them.

Professional road maintenance, landscaping and civil construction services can be hired by a community group to ensure that your local roads are in good working order. Local communities across the country are turning to commercial maintenance services directly, which can be called out much sooner than government contractors and by sharing the cost it becomes very affordable for that community.

All communities rely on service delivery, transport access and commercial traffic. We need our shop shelves stocked with goods and produce, while visitors to our neighbourhood are becoming interested in supporting our local businesses. Not having adequate road maintenance can put a tremendous strain on these economic activities and need to be addressed for the benefit of residents and businesses that start in your community.

Beyond increasing commercial traffic and improving service delivery in the area, well-maintained roadways are the best way to improve the road safety of your community. Poor road maintenance puts lives at risk and threatens local residents’ safety. Filling potholes, removing debris, maintaining signs and lane markers, manicuring greenery and keeping street lights working are essential for ensuring your community’s safety.

There are long-term and short-term consequences to poor road maintenance that will hinder the movement of community members, public services, delivery services, goods and produce. Not to mention, negative safety consequences for locals. When the national road network fails in one area or another, the social and economic impacts are immediate and long-lasting. Having reliable, accessible and safe roads that are well-maintained are foundational to any thriving community.

You should not rely on your local municipality to sort out your road maintenance requirements. Government contractors are not there on behalf of the community and only arrive once the contract is secured. By contacting professional road maintenance companies directly, your local community can secure reliable maintenance services and guarantee that they are caring for your streets with the community in mind.

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