Using Commercial Landscaping to Improve Aesthetics and Attract Customers

Running your business in a warm and welcoming environment is one of the easiest ways to appeal to new and prospective customers. Making a good first impression can be the difference between someone walking past your store or someone walking into it. Commercial landscaping gives businesses an opportunity to increase the attractiveness and enticement of their storefront environment – and attract potential customers.

Commercial landscapers offer horticultural and maintenance solutions that maximise the beauty of environments in and surrounding a commercial property. From conception and design to installation and maintenance, the best commercial landscapers are focused on improving aesthetics which, in turn, makes your business a place people are excited to visit.

Commercial landscaping can help elevate the street appeal of a variety of business spaces, to create the most warm and welcoming environment for your customers.

What is commercial landscaping?

Commercial landscaping and garden services include the grass, plants, flowers, shrubbery and trees that encompass a commercial or public property. The horticultural impact of landscapers on a business’s surroundings, might also comprise of water features, pathways, impact lighting, irrigation systems and green maintenance.

Professional horticultural and landscaping services design landscapes that draw on the natural surroundings and beauty of the property. They try to utilise those natural surroundings to create an appealing and enticing environment and draw attention to the building and your business.

What businesses can benefit from commercial landscaping?

If you have brick-and-mortar storefront, you can definitely benefit from professional landscaping services. Most types of businesses will benefit from a rich, green environment that promotes calm, wellbeing and peace of mind. That’s the kind of space that consumers are more likely to enter, spend time in and frequent.

All businesses should consider the outdoor appearance of their commercial properties and work to build an inviting landscape. These businesses, organisations and buildings can include:

  • Retail Stores
  • Restaurants and Hotels
  • Complexes and Apartment Buildings
  • Schools and Universities
  • Banks and Other Financial Institutions
  • Government and Municipal Buildings
  • Medical Facilities and Doctors’ Offices
  • Non-Profit Organisations
  • And Many Others

The benefits of commercial landscaping

The benefits of commercial landscaping extend far beyond beautifying your natural surroundings. It is about more than well-manicured gardens and treelined walkways, it is about inviting potential customers to share your space. Having an attractive storefront, with significant street appeal, can be a transformative change for most businesses and organisations – with a substantial economic impact.

It’s plain to see that pedestrians will interpret a business property that’s well-kept and neat, much more positively than one that has an uninviting exterior. If you’re expecting to appeal to new customers and ask for their money to be spent in your establishment, you must show them that you value your business and their patronage. Customers and employees, alike, will benefit from a beautiful and well-maintained workplace.

Pride in their workplace will transform the perspective of your employees. Businesses that have invested in the surroundings and outdoor spaces have seen big increases in the productivity, wellbeing, level of service and positivity of the employees in their workspace. Investing in commercial landscaping improves other environmental efficiencies, such as reducing storm runoffs and promoting native plant life. This allows you go green, whilst indulging in the beauty of your natural environment.

Where to start?

Finding the right commercial landscaping company will depend on the type and size of your horticultural needs. Some companies will focus on upkeep and maintenance, while other may focus on the design and installing aspects of landscaping. Some professional landscapers will offer end-to-end solutions that ensure your surroundings are as welcoming and inviting as your business.

For experienced and capable, end-to-end commercial landscaping and horticultural maintenance services, consider LeafySpace and help us start designing your dream business environment, today.

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