How Does Investing in a Solar Power Solution Benefit Your Business?

It is no secret that there is a massive demand for access to reliable and sustainable electric power in South Africa. This is for a variety of reasons. South Africa’s energy production system has plagued businesses and homes across the country for years. From loadshedding to rising costs, the need for better access to more reliable electricity sources is on the lips of all South Africans.

The increasing demand on our electrical supply and the resulting rising prices is not the only reason for the growing popularity of sustainable energy solutions. There is global concern around access to crude oil and the subsequent detrimental effects on the environment that traditional electricity generation can cause. Among the renewable energy options available, solar energy is a versatile, sustainable and reliable solution for South African businesses.

If your business is considering switching to solar power, helping ensure energy independence and environmentally-friendly electricity generation, you are probably aware of the incredible benefits it can provide. In case you have not considered it yet, here are some of the key benefits that solar power for South African businesses:

Massive Reductions in Operating and Utility Costs

One of the most celebrated benefits of introducing a solar power solution onto your business premises is the incredible cost saving opportunity of generating your own electricity. Solar energy systems can reduce – or even eliminate – your commercial property’s electricity bills. This is an incredible advantage for all businesses; no matter the industry, size or location.

Big and small businesses around the country are currently benefiting from the 40 years of electricity that is provided by investing in a solar energy solution. Electricity is an essential resource for all companies and renewable energy solutions offer this critical resource at a fraction of grid-electricity costs. These savings are in addition to the obvious environmental, social and financial benefits that come with reducing their carbon footprint.

A Lasting Return on Your Investment

Governments all over the world are incentivising their citizens (through tax credits, subsidies, tender selection and more) to make the transition to renewable means of power generation. This extends to the companies offering the equipment and resources to make this transition. The cost of solar panels for generation and industrial batteries for storage are becoming more affordable, accessible and incentivised.

Investing in solar energy solutions offers long-term savings through the efficiency and independence of the system; as well as short-term benefits, like government incentives and power supply stability. Solar panels and other renewable energy systems are a reliable asset that continues to provide value over time, especially in the midst of the loadshedding debacle and electricity supply issues facing South Africans.

Sustainable, Reliable and Minimal Maintenance Required

Solar power systems have made tremendous technological leaps in recent years, from power storage to grid feedback options, these advances are changing the way we think about electricity generation. Once installed, a solar power system requires little to no maintenance, lasting for about 20 to 40 years. Imagine the comfort and confidence that a reliable, sustainable electric supply gives businesses operating in South Africa today.

Sustainable energy solutions provide clean, quite and subsistent power to the commercial, governmental and residential properties that are utilising these tools. Many companies are aware of the benefits that solar power provides, but are hesitant to make the initial investment. The fact is that you only have to wait a few years to have a complete return on your investment and the rest of the 40 years are just savings for you and the environment.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint and Saving the Planet

There are many reasons to transition your commercial property’s electricity supply to a solar powered system. In the long run, the most important reason to invest in sustainable energy solutions might just be to help the environment. Our global dependence on fossil-fuelled electricity generation is one of the many causes of the catastrophic climate change we are fighting today.

Reducing our dependence on these traditional electrical production systems will have a tremendous impact on the carbon emissions and pollution devastating our global climate. Reducing the carbon footprint of your business has financial, environmental and political benefits that can be, easily, translated into broader social and marketing opportunities for your business. Become energy independent, environmentally friendly and popularise your brand – all at the same time – with a solar powered energy solution.

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