LeafySpace offers affordable renewable energy services.

At LeafySpace, we assist our clients with the design, manufacturing, assembly, installation and commissioning of ground or roof-mounted PV systems up to 500 MW. Our engineering and installation team are also have experience with DC and AC systems, including grid connection.

Our solar power installation services also covers operations and maintenance (O&M) services that ensures the smooth running of your PV plant throughout its 25 year lifespan. We have also partnered with our clients, property owners and financiers to become a developer of utility-scale PV solar energy facilities with the aim of producing and selling energy to the electricity grid.

We are in the business of making energy cleaner, more sustainable and more affordable for businesses and consumers. We develop, design, supply, construct, install, commission and providing funding solutions solar for photovoltaic (Solar PV) energy projects, throughout Africa, ranging in size as follows:

Residential (Typically >100 KWp)

Commercial (Typically ≤5 MWp)

Utility Scale (Typically <100 MWp)

What we offer

Keep the lights on and reduce your electrical costs and carbon footprint with our selection of solar power solutions.

Grid-tied Solar PV

A grid-tied Solar PV system is connected to either the client side or the utility side of the on-site electrical substation. If connected to the client side of the on-site electrical substation, any electricity generated by the system is then used on-site by the client. However, if connected to the utility side of the on-site electrical substation, any electricity generated by the system is “exported” to the national or municipal electricity grid.

Hybrid Solar PV

A hybrid Solar PV system is grid-tied, however it includes battery storage, enabling you to receive electricity during load-shedding, on cloudy days or at night.

Off-grid Solar PV

Off-grid Solar PV systems are able to provide electricity to sites that do not have access to an electrical grid such as farms, holiday homes, and telecoms towers. The system includes battery storage to ensure the power stays on for longer.

How will you benefit from this service?

Our strategies are set to ensure that our company can offer competitive solar power solutions to our clients:

Cost Leadership

We deal with different suppliers that ensure that ensures that we acquire materials that are the highest quality at the lowest possible price and we pass on the savings to our customers.

Price Strategy

We employ the following methods to offer competitive solutions:
Penetration, Economies of scale, Skimming, Bundling, In-sourcing of labour and skills.

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