LeafySpace offers a world-class landscaping installation services.

LeafySpace is a leading landscape company which have been curating greenery for over ten years. LeafySpace holds a CIBD grading of 7SH and as a result are well-positioned to upgrade the aesthetic – and experience – of your open spaces and gardens. We grow well-manicured and distinct gardens that become beautiful and comforting places to be.

Our horticulturalists are equipped to design, supply, and install defining park furniture and pleasing garden features, including plants and trees. LeafySpace does not only focus on site aesthetics, we transform open spaces and create experiences for all of our valued clientele.

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Qualified horticulturalists

AGRISETA accredited services

Expert installation teams

Over a decade’s experience

Focused on client requirements

Inhouse design and irrigation teams

On-site consulting and liaising

Up-to-date training

Top quality, modern tools and machinery

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