The Importance of Good Electrical Preventive Maintenance for Businesses and Homes

Electrical preventative maintenance is key to ensuring your facility, commercial property, home or factory operates optimally, safely and as intended. The integrity of your electrical distribution system is critical to maintaining the functionality of your business, services or residence. This includes the integrity of those who are operating, working on and maintaining that system.

Electrical preventative maintenance refers to any and all maintenance procedures that are implemented to prevent malfunctions or damages to electrical connections, power supplies and local networks. A successful preventative maintenance programme needs to customised to suit the specific needs of your facility and prevent any potential failures using cost-effective and reliable methods.

Preventative electrical maintenance is typically required in the following locations:

  1. Residential Locations: Houses, apartments, complexes and even mobile homes.
  2. Industrial or Commercial Properties:  Factories, hotels, shopping centres, storefront establishments, business premises, etc.
  3. Healthcare Facilities and Specialised Areas: Hospitals, warehouses and storage facilities, assembly lines, parking garages, gyms and movie theatres are also included.

What Are the Benefits of Electrical Preventative Maintenance?

The benefits of electrical preventative maintenance are significant and extensive for residential or commercial properties. It benefits all areas of business, such as operating efficiency, production costs and asset management, and offers a variety of benefits for homes, such as lower utility costs, better electrical distribution and longer-lasting electrical systems. It is important to consider your property’s unique needs and ensure that your electrical system operations are optimal.

  1. Reduce Business Interruptions
    Business interruptions can be devastating for owners, managers and workers in every industry. If your facility has poor preventative maintenance, you are more at risk for business interruptions due to power surges, spikes, transients and failures. These events wear down electrical components and make premature failures more likely. The more power your facility uses, the more opportunities there are for failure and requires better preventative electrical maintenance.
  2. Improve Onsite Safety
    Electricity is one of our most critical resources and one of the most powerful. Poorly maintained electrical distribution systems can become a dangerous hazard and potentially deadly. A successful preventative maintenance programme will reduce electricity-based accidents, make your facility safer, minimise costly equipment breakdowns and reduce business interruptions. Having a safe, reliable and well-administered electrical system is essential for all residential or commercial properties.
  3. Lower Utility Costs
    South Africans are constantly concerned about electricity distribution, bills and access in South Africa. Poor electrical maintenance and power outages can cause damage to various electrical components around the house or office. Improperly torqued connections and bad contacts will cause your electrical system to increase amperage draw and generate power loss issues.  Electrical preventative maintenance is key for preventing electricity waste and lowering utility bills.
  4. Power Quality Guarantees
    Power quality problems can have a variety of negative impacts on the functionality and capability of your electrical distribution system. Issues with power quality cause businesses to lose data and customers, as well as malfunctioning machinery, equipment and computer systems. The modern world is becoming more and more digital, which extends to commercial endeavours and makes scheduled power quality analyses crucial to good preventative maintenance schemes.
  5. Better Asset Management
    The average lifespan of a modern electrical distribution system is about 17 years, if electrical preventative maintenance is performed regularly. However, the life expectancy of your system increases as soon as preventative care is introduced into your facility. When your electrical distribution system is properly maintained and cared for; you can expect that average to increase to about 35 years, almost doubling its total lifespan.
  6. Manufacturing Reliability and Equipment Care
    All of today’s manufacturers will have some combination of equipment, machinery, digitalisation and automation that make their production efforts possible and commercial goals viable. Therefore, your warehouse, manufacturing facility or business premises need to have a reliable and finely-tuned electrical distribution system to support your production processes and ensure equipment functionality.

Cost-Effective and Absolutely Necessary

All of these benefits have a common feature: they help you save money. As mentioned, manufacturing disruptions, power failures, malfunctioning equipment and any type of unplanned interruptions can have a very costly impact on your business. A simple cost-benefit analysis will show that when your electrical distribution system is well-maintained, you can make your business far more cost-effective by ensuring a reliable and optimised electricity supply.


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